Gilder's Internet Reboot


Today’s internet CANNOT survive. The next new
paradigm could impact over $16.8 trillion in the
world economy. And you could get very rich as it does.
Let me rush you a copy of my new book to
show what’s happening… which companies could make
fortunes… and how to get lined up to profit…




A Special Forecast, From the Man Who…

• Briefed Ronald Reagan on the Microchip in 1986…

• Forecast the Smartphone Revolution Way Back in 1993…

• and Who’s Been Called “America’s #1 Futurist”

Hi, I’m George Gilder…

And I want you to watch this clip…




That’s one of the most powerful Republicans in Congress, a man who heads up America’s brand-new Task Force on Financial Technology.

And he’s on camera urging none other than multibillionaire Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and head of Facebook, to read my new book, Life After Google.

Now take a look at this clip from the very next day…




That’s the same powerful GOP Congressman, talking up my book again.

This time, to the millions of viewers of the Morning Joe program on MSNBC.

Now, why would such a high-ranking politician…

Who’s also an ex-banker, startup investor and entrepreneur…

Take the time to tell so many people about my latest book?

By the way, I should tell you…

This High-Ranking Republican Is NOT Alone…

Life After Google has also been featured in The Wall Street Journal

I’ve also been asked to talk about it in long interviews, including a recent feature article with Forbes

I even did a half hour on it in a one-on-one interview with Fox News.

So what exactly did I say that’s got everybody in an uproar?

In just a second, I’ll show you. I’ll even reveal how you can pick up a copy of my new book for yourself.

Once you do, you'll discover inside just what this massive new global wealth phenomenon on the horizon is…why it seems so inevitable…

And perhaps most important, how you could position yourself to profit.

I truly believe this next phase ahead could mint millionaires.

And even a few new billionaires.

But before we get to that…

I have to direct your attention to something more urgent.

And maybe even a little personal.

In short…

If anybody in your family uses online banking…

Smartphone apps…

Or social media…

If anyone in your family has any money at all invested in Silicon Valley…

Or if any of you invest or do business with any companies like these below…

Then I urge you to pay attention, at least for the next two minutes.

Because I need to warn you about a significant and global “REBOOT” that could be extremely close at hand.

This “reboot” could not only radically change the way you conduct your daily life, from how you use your devices to how you handle money…

It could also impact the fate of every one of those companies I’ve just named, plus many, many more…

And it could completely reset the current balance of power on Wall Street.

Even for companies that might seem to you like they’ve got nothing to do with technology, the internet or hot modern trends.

There’s more.

This same global “reboot” could redefine millions of careers. It could kill whole markets and create new ones, seemingly out of whole cloth.

It could redefine your job too, from what you’ll do to earn a living to how you’ll get paid. And how companies will track your progress.

Now, if you’re already skeptical…

Please understand me, I don’t blame you.

After all, Ronald Reagan was skeptical too…

Back in the early 1980s, he and I met, and I personally placed one of the world’s first microchips in the palm of his hand.

I told him then this tiny device would also radically change the world.

Maybe that didn’t look likely to him either.

Yet, within months, that forecast started to pan out.

The microchip revolution clearly did transform our economy.

It also altered the course of his presidency, and it went on to change almost every aspect of lives around the entire globe.

What I’m telling you now is that this $16.8 trillion “reboot” we’re talking about here could soon do something very similar.

It could change your life and millions of other lives… all over again.

In fact, this transformation I’m about to show you may prove to be the biggest revolutionary transformation yet.

Everything — from how you work to how you get paid, to how you save your money and how you spend it — could be very different, not long from right now.

This “reboot” will change how you interact with your family and friends. It will change how you invest. It could, in fact, change the entire landscape of publicly traded companies. And do so faster than you can possibly imagine.

Here’s something else, and this is important. This “reboot” I’m about to show you has nothing to do with politics, the Fed or the fate of the White House.

It’s not an outcome of the ongoing trade wars. I’m not talking about a looming recession, Wall Street’s ups and downs, or a looming military threat.

In fact, very little of what you see polluting today’s mainstream airwaves has even begun to touch on what I’d like to share with you today.

Just the same, you’ll need to be prepared.

How so?

To start, don’t get too cozy believing Apple, Amazon, Google, Netflix and Facebook will dominate Silicon Valley or the stock market forever.

Because we could be much closer to the end of that era than we are to the beginning.

Don’t get me wrong.

Each one of these tech titans represents a monumental achievement.

Together, you’re talking about a combined market share of almost $3.3 trillion.

And yet…

All four of these dominant companies — along with many others just like them — could soon face a major wakeup call. They could even disappear.

Again, I understand if this sounds impossible to some mainstream investors.

After all, few were convinced when I first predicted the “death of cable TV” back in 1994…

Or when I predicted streaming services would change the landscape of entertainment, 10 years before Netflix streaming hit American living rooms in 2007.

While I did not recommend Netflix to my readers, it's shot up 24,461% since it first went public in 2002.

And few saw what was coming back when I predicted the smartphone revolution, a full 14 years ahead of Steve Job’s iPhone.

I released that forecast on June 16, 1994 in one of my books.

Of course, it was way too early to name Apple as the company that would bring this technology to the table. And I didn't at the time.

Yet, had you bought their shares just a day later -- on June 17th of that same year -- you could have picked up at least 19,295% by now.

I’m not telling you this to brag about being a visionary.

I’m telling you because this coming “reboot” could have a very similar outcome. Maybe even a greater one.

For instance, not only could it create hundreds or even thousands of new companies for investors…

Including a whole new run of tech titans to dominate Wall Street…

But this “reboot” — just like the internet and smartphone revolutions before it — could change the way we buy and sell stocks altogether.

Especially for assets traded online.

That puts at least $2.8 trillion more on the radar.

This massive “reboot” could transform online banking too, from personal retail accounts to mobile payments and online investment banking…

That’s another $7 trillion market ripe for disruption.

I expect this “reboot” to disrupt online retail too, which is a market closing in on $3.45 trillion. Not to mention the $205 billion market for internet ads.

All together…

A $16.8 Trillion Revolution

And I haven’t mentioned, by the way, how this same “reboot” could also fundamentally transform our DAILY worldwide currency markets.

That’s another $5.1 trillion — again, per day — on the radar.

Now, before I can tell you exactly what this “REBOOT” event involves…

Please make sure you don’t get me wrong.

Because, even though I do want to show you how this coming “reboot” could spark a bigger transformation than the microchip, the internet, broadband and the smartphone combined…

And even though I do believe there are considerable risks you’ll need to know about, well before the actual “reboot” takes place…

This isn’t news that should keep you up at night. 

In fact, quite the opposite.

Because the truth is, this same “reboot” event I see ahead could actually make a few well-positioned Americans extremely wealthy.

And you could be one of them.

Again, how so?

If you recognize my name, perhaps you know that I’ve had a long history of helping others see the opportunity in radical transformation…

Now, I don't know how much Bruce and Dave invested or how long they held their investments.

But I do know that readers who bought shares in the companies I recommended back could have scored some huge gains over just a couple of years.

You'll see some of examples of those picks later on.

For now, I just want you to know that this is exactly why I’m actually excited about this coming “reboot” ahead.

So excited, in fact, that I’ve decided to reenter the public eye in a very big way…

To show you and others how this “reboot” could not only change our lives in its own right…

But also how it will hasten and connect so many of the other major technological breakthroughs you’ve been hearing about too…

From self-driving cars to AI machines… 

From the app economy to next-level medicine…

From the energy markets to health care, retail, advertising, social media and more.

All of them have unifying thread in this coming “reboot.”

And all of them offer you new opportunities to get very rich.

You could either let me show you what those opportunities are.

Or you ignore what I’ve uncovered and wait to catch up, along with everybody else.

It’s really up to you to decide.

Before you make up your mind, however, perhaps I should tell you more about myself…

“America’s Foremost Technology Prophet”


As I said, my name is George Gilder. 

You may have heard of me.

Over the last four decades, I’ve been lucky enough to uncover some of the most important trends in our recent history.

Along with those discoveries, I’ve helped show a lot of people how to connect the dots and make fortunes.

I’ve also managed to attract a lot of attention and make a lot of friends in high places.

For instance, in 1982, my book Wealth and Poverty caught President Ronald Reagan’s eye.

He had copies handed out to every member of his cabinet.

I was honored to become his most quoted living author.

The New York Times called George Gilder’s first book, Wealth and Poverty, a “Hymn to Getting Rich.” Others called it the “Bible” of the Reagan Revolution. And Reagan himself gave copies to every member of his cabinet.

I also met personally with President Reagan and placed one of the world’s first microcomputer chips in the palm of his hand. I told him how it would change the world, a forecast I wrote about in my book Microcosm.

In 1994, I also wrote about what I called the telecosm in a book titled, Life After Television.

In that same book, I predicted the creation of the smartphone, saying…

“The most common personal computer of the next decade will be a digital cellular phone with an IP address… connecting to thousands of databases of all kinds…

“It will be as portable as your watch and as personal as your wallet; it will recognize speech and navigate streets; it will collect your mail, your news, and your paycheck.”

A year earlier, in the March issue of Forbes ASAP, I even wrote…

“In personal communications networks (PCN), the cellular industry today is about to experience its own personal computer revolution… this new digital cellular phone will stand as the world’s most pervasive PC. As mobile as a watch and as personal as a wallet, these [devices] will recognize speech, navigate streets, take notes, keep schedules, collect mail, manage money, open the door and start the car, among other computer functions we cannot imagine today.”

As the story goes, Steve Jobs liked what I was saying so much, he passed out copies of my book to his friends.

Keep in mind, this was 14 years before he stood on a stage in Cupertino and introduced the revolutionary new device we now know as the iPhone.

Perhaps it’s forecasts like these that lead The Economist to dub me…

“America’s foremost technology prophet”
- The Economist

And for Google founder and former CEO Eric Schmidt to announce…

“I listen very closely to what George says…”
- Google former CEO, Eric Schmidt

Even Bill Gates, who once violently disagreed with me about one of my forecasts for the PC industry, went on to say…

“Gilder is very stimulating even when I disagree with him, and most of the time I agree with him…”
- Bill Gates

I tell you all this not to brag, but because I want you to see that this is not the first time I’ve made headlines with what some might call a “wild” prediction.

It’s not the first time I’ve been featured for making those forecasts either.

Maybe you’ve seen some of my interviews in Wired, Forbes, Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and even People Magazine and Playboy…

If so, you also know this isn’t the first time I’ve found ways to tie my forecasts to profits.

For instance, Wired magazine once ran a 1990s cover story that said…

“Gilder’s basket of stock picks had racked up a 247% return in the prior 10 months…”
- Wired

And The Street at the time called me…

“Wall Street’s most influential technology trader…”
- The Street

Wall Street investors were lining up to hear my next forecast.

The Economist even reported…

“While [George Gilder] thinks, America waits with baited breath. It’s called the ‘Gilder Effect.’ Sometime in the first half of each month, an e-mail emerges announcing the imminent arrival of the next utterance… then it’s off to the day-trader races.”
- The Economist

We ran some independent historical analysis and verification on some of the recommendations I made in my newsletters early on.

Here are just some of the many opportunities my readers could have had over the years, if they’d bought and sold in the best time frame…

With the rare chance to have seen peak gains like 563% on Analog Devices... 430% gains on Globalstar... and 582% returns on Lucent, all in just over three years.

You also could have seen a peak return of 1,969% on Broadcom in 861 days… 3,781% on Applied Micro Circuits in just over two years… 4,132% on JDS Uniphase and as much as 4,234% on Qualcomm in just over three years.

Now, of course, these are just a few of my "best of the best" examples. It would take a rare kind of vision time the market peak that perfectly.

Which is something I'm sure most investors rarely do.

Most people would be happy to see even a fraction of those best-possible-scenario returns. I show them to you, though, so you can see the possibilities.

See, the kinds of stocks I like are exactly the kind that you can feel safe with -- and possibly see substantial gains with -- over the long haul.

That's how you combine risk and reward over time.

This has been my market philosophy from the very start. I see no reason to change that now, as I return to the financial spotlight.

For instance, as you read this, I've made at least 28 new stock recommendations over the past 14 months.

Already, 18 of my open positions are up.

I've closed out another four, in response to the pandemic, with an average on the closed positions alone of 40.2% gains in three months.

And, while a few of my open positions are down, again, I like to buy quality stocks worth holding for the long haul. So I am confident we will see big returns from all our open positions over time.

What I’m saying is, sometimes in this life, you really do get a second chance. And I see a very similar opportunity emerging right now.

That’s why I’m contacting you today…

Why I’ve Canceled My So-called “Retirement”

See, after writing my many books… after meeting with presidents… and countless interviews in just about every major media source you can think of…

And after making plenty of money…

It’s true there was a time when I decided to step out of the limelight.

Of course, I spent those years writing another seven of my 19 books…

During that time, I also ran 100 races and still run five miles a day…

And I still make research trips to places like China (where I recently gave 40 appearances in nine days)…

And at 80 years old, I could happily stay “retired” like that for a long time.

But this opportunity is just too important, too vast and too potentially world-changing to keep from the general public.

In fact, I’m convinced that, if what I see ahead is right, this could easily be the most formative prediction of my career.

It could also offer you more immediate opportunity than anything else I’ve ever uncovered.

In fact, I believe this could be the easiest way for anybody to make a fortune in the financial markets, over the long run.

That’s why I’ve written a brand-new book all about it.

This new work is called Life After Google.

Why Google?

In the ’70s, George Gilder wrote speeches for Nixon. In the ’80s, he personally handed Reagan one of the world’s first microchips. In the ’90s, George built a publishing empire worth $200 million. Then he retired from newsletter publishing. But now he’s back, with the next massive technological shift he reveals in Life After Google

See, a lot’s changed since I last stood in the public eye.

In every one of my books — especially Microcosm, Telecosm and Life After Television — I tried to show you how even small technological events could lead to radical change. Time and again, that’s exactly how it’s played out.

Try to imagine, for instance, a world without desktop computers, laptops and smartphones… blazing-fast broadband and streaming video… or digital commerce and all the knowledge of the world at your fingertips.

You can’t do it. 

Why? Because our world has become those technologies. They make up the very infrastructure of our daily lives. And nobody embodies that new “system” of life more than Google.

It’s not just a company, it’s a symbol of the new era.

It’s also the origin of a wildly accepted business model that’s either been copied or traded upon or leveraged for the “big data” it collects.

Think About It This Way…

Every one of our biggest companies today — Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon and, of course, Google — is a tech titan that’s built their empire on what most of us know as “Big Data.”

That is, they feed off of the information we give them.

And you give them plenty.

Think about it. You give Facebook a list of your friends. Your travel plans. Your opinions and interests. You give Google your shopping plans. Your iPhone tracks your location, literally to the last fraction of a mile.

What you get in return can be amazing. Ease of travel. Ease of communication. Ease of search. And even “free” search besides.

Yet it will also be the fatal flaw that dooms Google and every other business built on those same data-thirsty foundations. Why?

Don’t get me wrong.

Each one of these giants are among the most important companies in financial history. And each has replaced the biggest corporations of 10 years earlier — Exxon, Walmart, China Petroleum and others. 

But just as those firms have cycled out of the top positions on Wall Street and across our economy…

So, will these tech giants be forced into retreat, thanks to the very same phenomenon that once helped them explode in size…

“Few men or women in modern times
have been so consistently farsighted in fathoming the future of high technology as George Gilder has been.”

As I write on page 90 of Life After Google

“The most important effect of [the Google model] is… [that] you avoid the real time demands of preventing hacks and thefts… [Google can] place the burden of security on the customer… This very lack of concern with security will be Google’s undoing…”

In other words, our new “Big Data”-driven universe has a fundamental flaw. All that data has deep personal and financial value. To the tech titans. To the millions of companies that feed off their business model.

But most of all, to the customers that provide it.

And that creates both a deep vulnerability and a dangerous conflict of interest.

As it stands, with countless hacks and privacy violations, the Google model cannot last. It’s destined to crumble. And with it, we’ll lose a major cornerstone of today’s massive digital economy.

I can show you why in my book, where you’ll also discover…

Most of all, in Life After Google, you’ll find out why many, many of today’s companies — including some of the biggest — could soon disappear, as brand-new ones are created.

These new companies will give you a new chance to get very rich, very quickly. This isn’t just the next hot market — it’s a technological revolution. And it’s just now starting to gain traction.

Ultimately, you’ll see a whole new landscape emerge…

Along with all kinds of new investment opportunities.

With insights like…

As I said, one thing for sure is that 10 years from now, the big tech companies that dominate our world will NOT be the same companies you hear about and read about so much today.

Who will take their place?

In my book, I’ll tell you all about the dozens of companies driving these breakthroughs, including some very new ones that I’m almost certain you’ve never heard mentioned.

Just to give you some idea of what's out there, I recently took a close look back at the markets that, as they started evolving in 2017 through 2018.

Those were the years that I was readying my book for publication. 

Even I was shocked by what has happened over the last few years.

Now, these are rare examples of some of the top performing companies, but just look at the incredible potential here, with numbers like...

1,567% in 13 months on Siebert Financial Corp.… 1,950% in 7 months on DigitalX Ltd.… and 5,525% in just 43 days on Blox Labs…

Or even more extraordinary returns like the 3,580% you could have made on BTL Group in just 19 months… the 19,900% in only 14 months you could have seen on MJ Interactive Inc.… plus many more I could name.

Of course, I didn't name specific companies like this in my book. My goal in those pages was, instead, to show you the much bigger trend.

However, I'm sharing these high-performing examples here because I want you to see what kinds of extraordinary returns you could find if you know where to look, once this this "reboot" takes place.

Sure, there are plenty of companies in the same sector that might go nowhere. You could even lose money if you wind up with the wrong shares.

But I hope you also see that the rare gems we could dig up, once this "reboot" starts to unfold, could help you do extremely well over the years ahead.

And this is my real point...

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an investor or just fed up with the endless data hacks, confounding paywalls and security pages, you’ll want to see just how big some of these opportunities can get now, while you can still act.

And by the way, our timing on this couldn't be better.

Already the research firm Deloitte had done a survey and found that 95% of the firms they talked to plan to invest in this transformational new technology that I’m telling you about.

Meanwhile, more than 60% of those companies plan to start by investing $1 million or more. And 84% say they agree that this will eventually be the new normal, across all kinds of industries.

“… It would behoove you to study everything you can get your hands on by George Gilder, a true American genius.”

By the way, I’m not just talking about Silicon Valley tech companies.

These are other high-level executives in car companies, biotechs, oil and gas, financial firms, health care, manufacturing, and even the food industry who say they’re deeply interested in this coming “reboot” revolution.

It’s easy to see why.

You see, today’s internet wasn’t built for protecting your credit card information, guarding your online banking transactions or shielding your family photos from prying eyes.

It was built for openly sharing information, like a gigantic encyclopedia.

This makes it deeply unsafe and insecure by design.

How many hacks and data breaches will it take before we admit that?

Or to put it another way…

How Long Before You’re the Next Victim of a High-stakes Hacker or a Common Internet Thief?

Scan your memory and ask yourself…

Have you ever bought a bag of topsoil or a lawn mower at Home Depot?

Because if you have, you need to know that hackers broke into their computers in September 2014 and stole 56 million credit card numbers.

Hopefully not yours.

Meanwhile, have you or anyone you know ever taken an Uber?

Because in 2016, two hackers stole names, emails and mobile numbers for as many as 57 million of their customers.

Again, I hope you weren’t one of them.

And do you have health insurance?

Chances are you do.

In which case, you should know that Anthem, America’s second biggest insurer, suffered a major security breach in 2015.

Foreign hackers broke into Anthem’s database and swiped names, Social Security numbers and even job histories for close to 79 million customers.

And the list goes on…

77 million names hacked from Sony PlayStation databanks… over 110 million names hacked from Target… 145 million customer names hacked at eBay…

500 million names hacked from Marriott International… another 412 million hacked at the X-rated dating site Adult Friend Finder… and of course, the 143 million accounts that were famously hacked from Equifax.

This Equifax breach alone represents exposed financial secrets for nearly half the United States! No wonder they got slapped with a $700 million settlement suit by the FCC. 

But that still does nothing to guarantee that your data is safe.

Just a few of the biggest data breaches
from the last three years…

You see my point.

If you haven’t been exposed already, how long before you are?

And how long before Wall Street’s other biggest companies get hit with similar fines?

How long before hackers go after an even bigger prize, say a trillion-dollar heist from America’s banking system?

And how long before you wake up to find your assets frozen… or to news that some hacker in Russia or Singapore has used your name to take out a new mortgage, open a bank account or get a line of credit?

Maybe you also saw General Keith Alexander, former head of the U.S. Cyber Command, who went on 60 Minutes and warned, “I believe that a foreign nation could impact and destroy major portions of our financial system…”

Meanwhile, Russia and China are building “troll armies” to exploit gaping digital holes in today’s social media…

NATO and the Pentagon are running cyberwarfare training scenarios…

Even the CIA, NSA and FBI can’t keep their top-secret files safe in today’s slapdash digital wilderness. So how can you?

And get this, as an American you’re especially vulnerable.

Because 97% of all records stolen originate in the United States.

In today’s digital business model, we’re just not set up for airtight protection.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

As I say on page 92 of my book…

“Some thousands of companies you’ve never heard of are investing billions in that effort [to fix the lack of security on the internet]. Collectively they will give birth to a new network whose most powerful architectural imperative will be security of transactions… So fundamental will security be to this new system that it’s very name will be derived from it. It will be the cryptocosm…”

If that’s the first time you’re hearing that term — cryptocosm — I’m not surprised.

This Is No Small Revolution

The cryptocosm is what I call this new “system of the world.” As you can guess, it gets its roots in the cryptographic revolution that gave us Bitcoin.

But it’s so much more.

As I reveal on page 467…

“Bitcoin aimed to burst the overstuffed $5.1 trillion daily piñata of modern currencies and unleash a crypto-copia. But the units of account — the monetary measuring sticks — remained in the world of fiat and gold…”

This is why you still see values for cryptocurrencies surging and collapsing, to this day.

Until Wall Street and Main Street both embrace them as true money, that won’t change. But the real miracle, the real innovation, isn’t the financial one.

It’s the underlying technology.

This is the blueprint that’s going to give us the brand-new infrastructures. And it’s going to do so much more than disrupt our money or today’s internet.

As you’ll see in Life After Google, this new place will give us new ways to escape the swamp of overregulation, cut out intermediaries and radically lower costs for doing business.

It’s going to help us free up capital, give power to legions of new entrepreneurs and freely expand wealth creation.

And all of this, with impenetrable privacy at its core.

In short, this was the internet as it always should have been.

It Took Me Many Trips Across the Globe, Many Years of Research and Many Hours of Insider Interviews To Crack This Exclusive Story

Uncovering the secrets you’ll find in Life After Google wasn’t easy.

With my 40-plus years of writing and research, I’m lucky enough to have connections with the brightest minds on Wall Street, in Silicon Valley and in academia.

I’ve spent the last many years sitting down with them in person.

By the way, these are guys who don’t have time to write articles or do interviews. So you’re not likely to hear anything they have to say anywhere else.

For instance, I sat down with Vitalik Buterin, the founder of the crypto firm Ethereum.

We talked about how this new cryptocosm architecture could eliminate lawyers, accountants and bankers. At least the ones who fail to get on board before it’s too late.

We also talked about how Uber, the multibillion-dollar company that displaced taxi drivers, could itself get displaced in this new cryptocosm future, by a company called Swarm.

I also spoke with Jules Urbach, who’s worked with Nvidia, the microchip company that could play an enormous role in shaping the new horizon.

I went further afield too, meeting with Austin Russel, whose company is radically remaking the hardware for self-driving cars.

I sat down with Robert Mercer, who works with what’s probably been the most successful investment fund in America for the last two decades.

The list goes on.

These men and others have a role in shaping your new future, a world that will offer us millions of new ways for people to interact and do business.

And one that could flip your current notions about how to earn and invest your money upside down. In that same world, many of your other ideas will change radically too.

“Somehow George Gilder has been able to predict the future for decades.”
– JAMES ALTUCHER, bestselling author

For instance…

You’ll read about an investment that’s averaged annual 40% returns over the last 20 years. At that pace, you would double your money every two years. You’ll see details on page 83.

Discover why you’re secretly getting charged an extra $23 per month on your phone bill, and what you can do about it. This shouldn’t be as much of a problem in the next new “system” either. See page 182.

Why you might want to stop using Safari, Chrome or Internet Explorer and why you might want to use a far safer browser instead. It’s practically custom-designed for the new security-focused era ahead. Find out more on page 180.

Find out why the number of IPOs has plunged on the stock market. Plus, more about the new investing vehicle that could replace them, as it drives a whole new wave of new businesses and opportunity across America. See page 167.

The future belongs to the prepared.

And that’s what I intend for readers of Life After Google — preparation for the next new era ahead. It won’t be what you’ve grown used to. And it won’t be what you’ve been told to imagine.

This is a whole new vision of what’s coming, how you should get ready and — most important of all — how you could get richer in the days ahead.

“Life After Google should be
required reading for anyone contemplating future technology investments.”


I’m proud to say that the Financial Times has named Life After Google as a book of the month.

And it’s been #2 in China and the #1 bestseller in crypto on Amazon, nearly from the day it was published.

A featured piece about the book in The Wall Street Journal says…

“Nothing Mr. Gilder says or writes is ever delivered at anything less than the fullest philosophical decibel… [he] sounds less like a tech guru than a poet, and his words tumble out in a romantic cascade.”
- The Wall Street Journal

Other online reviews have called it…

“A Must Read”… “Deep, Broad, and Challenging”… and “A Timely Wake-up Call…”

To put a point on it, I’m convinced this is must-have information, and not just for tech nerds or day traders. This is vital to know if you work in any kind of business.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a high-level employee, rich or poor, or you have anything at all invested in the markets, the phenomenon at the heart of this book will reshape your world.

Sure, you could just go buy a hardcover copy for yourself. It has listed on Amazon for as high as $26.87, where it has 164 five-star reviews.

But today, I’d rather give you a copy outright — as part of a very special offer.

Let me explain...

See, I think what I’ve poured into this book is so important, so transformational, I want to get it into the hands of those who will not only understand it, but who can take action on what it reveals.

And I’d like to get them this book as soon as possible.

That’s why, as you’ll see below, I’d like you to have a copy — in the hardback edition — delivered straight to your door, at my expense when you take me up on my the invitation I'm about to describe.

You won’t need to pay for the shipping either.

I’ll have my publisher foot the bill.

Before I show you how to get your copy, there’s something else. I’d also like to give you something you can’t get at any bookstore, online or off.

I call it Life After Google: The Missing Chapter.

This is a special bonus chapter that’s not in any online edition. It’s something extra that I actually couldn’t share in the book.

It’s only available to you here.

Inside this extra chapter, you’ll discover…

Both this extra chapter and your full hardback edition of Life After Google are yours to keep, at no charge to you. No matter what.

So, what’s the catch?

There’s something I’d like you to give me in return.

No, it’s not your Social Security number or your mother’s maiden name.

I simply want you to agree to a trial subscription to my newsletter, The George Gilder Report

“I was so impressed with
Gilder’s ideas and writing, I modeled my newsletters on Gilder’s.”
– Porter Stansberry,
founder of Stansberry Research

That’s right.

For the first time since 2007, I’ve decided to share my ongoing research with members of the public… in a brand-new monthly resource… just like I did for so many years during the rise of the internet, fiber optics and more.

Back then, I was able to alert my readers to all kinds of emerging opportunities.

As I said, after running the numbers, it’s clear that by cashing out at the highs, any savvy readers who saw my “buy” recommendations could have posted…

A 563% gain on Analog Devices…

A 430% return on Globalstar…

And a 582% return on Lucent…

All in just over three years.

You also could have seen 1,969% on Broadcom in 861 days…

3,781% on Applied Micro Circuits in just over two years… 

And 4,132% on JDS Uniphase... or 4,234% on Qualcomm... also in just over three years for each of those plays…

Of course, we're talking about hanging on for the peak gains. And again, these are rare examples of some of my best recommendations. I would never claim every recommendation did that well.

But again, I'm sure you see my point.

Namely that, looking ahead, I see even more vast opportunities emerging for you from this “reboot” and the rise of the cryptocosm.

“Buy George…”
– The Economist

You’ll find out plenty, just by letting me send your free copy of Life After Google. You’ll see even more in the “missing chapter” I’ll share.

But there’s so much more potential.

And so many more companies and other chances to build wealth that you’ll want to know about, while you still have a chance to position yourself.

You can’t possibly anticipate all of them, no more than you could have discovered every way to get rich on the events of the past.

After all, these are fundamental transformations that could ripple out in a thousand different directions.

Just as we saw with the internet, the microchip and the iPhone revolutions.

But I do have access to resources and research that I believe could help guide you along the way. And I do believe there’s plenty of opportunity to share.

By the way, I’m not the only one who says so.

For instance, maybe you saw how Marc Andreessen, the billionaire who invented the first web browser, talked about the same technology that’s underlying this emerging cryptocosm, when he told The Washington Post:

“This is the big breakthrough. This is the thing we’ve been waiting for… Whoever [developed this] should get the Nobel prize… Hundreds or thousands of applications and companies that could get built on top [of this]…”

Keep in mind, Andreessen is now a powerful venture capitalist.

And he’s telling interviewers these same developments could be worth billions, even trillions for investors, entrepreneurs and the world economy.

He even went on to say…

“By the way, if we had had this technology 20 years ago, we would’ve built it into the browser. E-commerce would’ve gotten built on top of this, instead of getting built on top of the credit card network.”

I completely agree.

With the coming of the cryptocosm, you’re not just looking at a new internet. And all the new investing opportunities that will create.

You’re also looking at whole new ways to buy stocks, bonds and other digital investments. You’re looking at new ways to invest in banking, health care, insurance and even real estate.

You’ll see big changes in the value of money itself. As well as new companies, new categories and new ways to invest in all those ventures as they get created.

This is such a fast-evolving paradigm shift, you’ll need someone to guide you about what to buy, what to watch, and what might not fly in the unexplored markets ahead.

I can be that guide.

Every month, in The George Gilder Report, I can alert you to those moments as they come.

Just as I did for my subscribers in the booming dot-com markets, right before I retired.

I’ll show you what I see coming next. I’ll also show you how to best position yourself and your portfolio for a chance to profit.

Just like you could have done in years past, by riding a few rare opportunities to their all-time highs. Just to give you a few well-picked examples…

The 2,415% gain you could have seen on Metromedia in just six months, which could have grown your every $1,000 into $24,150…

The 3,453% you could have seen on Ciena in 25 months, which could have grown every $1,000 into $34,530 had you out at the right time…

Or the three year, 4,132% return you could have seen on JDS Uniphase, which you could have used to grow $1,000 into $41,320.

And of course there were more over the same three-to-four year time frame, as you saw earlier with potential gains of 563%… 582%… 473%… 1,969%… 3,781%… 4,132%… and as much as 4,234%…

Keep in mind, these gains reflect just a few of my best-performing examples from stocks I recommended back in the ‘90s, based on my team’s analysis.

And of course, it goes without saying all investing comes with risk, and not everyone is going to see gains like these. You could also see losses.

And you should never bet more than you can afford to lose.

But to maximize your chances, you still had to know more than just the ticker symbols of companies like these.

To have any chance at getting richer, you also had to know those tickers in advance. And you had to understand why they were ready to target.

Finally, you had to know all that early enough to secure a chance at the biggest profits.

Most regular investors struggle to get that kind of information on their own.

They would need extra resources.

That’s why I hope I’ll hear from you now.

See, I fully believe that — just like we saw in the ‘90s — we’ve got another chance at gains just like those you’ve seen above.

Or maybe even better.

By the way, in my new George Gilder Report, we won’t just be limited to the new moneymaking opportunities of the emerging “cryptocosm.”

I’m already lining up my research for you on the real opportunities in artificial intelligence… 5G wireless networks… and driverless cars.

See, so far, there’s been lots of hype. But very few understand where those breakthroughs are really headed.

Which is why I’ve also put together a library of three more special reports I’d like to get into your hands, as another “thank you” for trying my new letter.

In this extra library of reports, you’ll get…

Extra Briefing #1: The Truth About Artificial Intelligence

Tech elite say AI will take over the world. UBS says it could be a $180 billion industry. What’s the smart money saying? In this special report, find out why most of the experts you’re hearing from on AI are dead wrong about where it’s headed. Money will be made, but NOT the way they’re telling you.

Extra Briefing #2: Our Robot Future

Driverless cars, automated factories and homes that run themselves. These are all outcomes of a convergence between the “internet of things” and modern robotics and other automation technology. According to UBS, more than 70% of companies could have automated their businesses. Will your job be safe? What’s the best way to invest to stay ahead of the curve? It’s all answered here.

Extra Briefing #3: The True 5G Revolution

You’ve heard the hype about 5G. But maybe you don’t even know what it is. In this report, get a full explanation of what it really means, how far it will spread, and the handful of stocks that could allow you to make big gains on 5G, as it rolls out over the months ahead.


Of course, with four decades of building my connections and doing this kind of deep research, I can offer you a lot of insight you won’t find anywhere else.

But you’ll get more than just opinions when you join.

See, over the years, I’ve connected one on one with scientists and economists, world leaders, academics, inventors and more.

My network has reached far and wide, including everyone from the founders of Google, Steve Forbes of Forbes magazine, and PayPal billionaire Peter Thiel… to giants like Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs, Nixon and Reagan, and Henry Kissinger, among others.

I don’t know anybody who’s cultivated as many contacts or courted as much industry expertise. And I don’t just mean the high-profile darlings of the press.

I’ve sat down with the experts working behind the curtain, the geniuses who don’t usually have time or interest in talking to the mainstream press.

I know what they say behind closed doors. I can share those insights with you. I can help you sort out how they see these trends really coming together. Plus, how to extrapolate those insights into opportunity.

I’ll give you everything I can find, from the origins of each breakthrough… right down to the ticker symbols, so you’ll know how to take action.

I can show you what to do next, every step of the way.

You’ll also get… 

Immediate access to “Gilder 360. Simply put, this is what my publisher calls your chance to hear from me in person, any time I’m speaking at a conference. I’ve been a featured speaker many times over the years. I’ve even commanded a $100,000 fee for a single speech. I’ll see to it you get an early-bird invitation to my next important event, wherever it takes place, with a discount whenever I can arrange it. (My publisher tells me this has a value of at least $99)

You’ll get my exclusive new “Convergence” Video Series. What’s the “convergence?” I’m just starting to reveal my findings right now. This fast four-video series will give you everything you need to know, from how these “convergence” moments have happened only a few times in history… to how this pinnacle moment was a long time coming… and how you could convert this event into a string of enormous moneymaking opportunities. This is not available anywhere else. Not in any store, not on Youtube, not on any streaming service. Only here. Filmed behind closed doors. (Value: $199)

You’ll get the chance to ask me almost anything. Every financial quarter, I’ll do a special check-in with my Gilder Report readers. You’ll send in your most pressing questions. And we’ll all log into a private online webinar where I’ll answer as many as possible. Of course, I can’t offer you any personalized investment advice. But you’ll still get the chance to add your most pressing questions about the future to our list. (Value: $199)

Altogether, that’s at least $498 in value.

And again, that’s NOT including your free library of three bonus reports, your free copy of my book Life After Google and your “missing chapter” exclusive.

Most important of all, you’ll also get my new George Gilder Report. Every month, you’ll get a new issue, packed with news on the latest emerging trends and brand-new stock market opportunities.

My publisher would love to set a price for this subscription at $199. And honestly, I know what’s coming your way, and that would be a great deal.

However, that’s not what I’ll ask you to pay.

Instead, because I’m so excited to explore this next global tech revolution with you in my corner… and because I’d like to reenter the public eye with a bang…

I’d like to ask you to join — and receive everything we talked about, including the issues, the reports, the missing chapter and a free hardcover copy of my new book — for just $29. With nothing more to pay, for the full year of service and analysis.

Doesn’t that sound like a good deal?

At $29, you would pay less than the full price listed online for the same edition… and nearly 85% less than what my publisher wants to charge.

And you’ll be among the first to gain access to my research.

I hope you agree, this is a very fair offer.

Let me repeat, by the way, you won’t pay anything on the shipping of my book. I’ve asked my publisher to take care of that for you too.

So, not to worry, because there are no hidden fees or surprises. This is just the best way I know to get quality subscribers quickly for my new letter.

It’s that simple.

Now, I don’t know how long this supply of hardcover copies of my book will last. So, to get you started quickly and secure your copy, I’d need to hear from you soon.

All you need to do is follow the link at the bottom of this letter, where you’ll see this information summarized all in one place. And where you’ll also have a chance to sign up for your trial subscription.

There’s no commitment when you follow the link. You’ll have plenty of time to make up your own mind. But I hope I’ll hear from you soon.

When you follow the link, be sure to let us know where to send your hard copy of my book. And we’ll get it into the mail for you immediately.

When you subscribe, you’re getting the chance to reap enormous profits from the radical transformations ahead… in cutting edge, crystal clear detail… for less than six cents per day.

Oh, and there’s one more thing…

As you may know, this isn’t my first foray into sharing my research with readers like you.

During the early internet surge of the 1990s, before my short-lived retirement, I had another service like this. My readers loved it.

They raved about the research and loved the recommendations.

And they wrote to tell us exactly that.

Like this note from former reader Peter T., who contacted us to say…

“George Gilder changed my life with his QCOM recommendation in 1999-2000…”

Or David J., who wrote to tell us…

“I made a lot of money with George back in the late 90s. [Now] I’m hoping to do it again, 20 years later…”

And David went on to explain…

“It was during the late 90s and George Gilder was the foremost technology expert. His market moving reports were dubbed the ‘Gilder Effect’ Stocks would rocket. The strategy I found most helpful was to buy as much as I could of every new pick… You want to be on the ground floor of every pick.”

Or longtime fan Eli M., who you saw tell us earlier…

“I subscribed to the Gilder Technology newsletter in the 1990s and turned $250,000 into $6 million…”

Again, none of these fan letters spilled the exact details on their trades, from what they bought or how long they held on or even how much they put in.

So I can fully understand why you might need a little extra assurance.

Which is why, I want to add this to my invitation…

If you decide you love everything you see, do nothing.

If, however, you change your mind — for any reason — just let my publisher know in those first 90 days. Again, that’s triple the guarantee my publisher prefers to allow.

You’ll still get to keep your free copy of my book. You’ll still get to keep the “missing chapter” and all three reports. And you’ll still have the four-part video series plus all the issues I’ve already sent in that time. Even if you decide you need to cancel for a full refund in those first 90 days.

How does that sound?

Again, I’ve instructed my publisher not to bother you with any questions or delays. He’ll just refund what you’ve paid to subscribe. It’s that simple.

You could easily take advantage of me with that kind of full guarantee. But I have faith in you that you won’t. I also believe you’ll like what I share with you enough to stick around.

Even better, this generous offer gives you the freedom to make up your own mind.

And it gives me the chance to show you what I’ve been working on these last many years.

All you need to do to get started is fill out the special order form below.

The sooner you come on board, the earlier you could get in on these next-wave companies as they move in to replace the current market leaders. 

So I hope you’ll give me your answer soon!


George Gilder

September 2020

P.S. The New York Times once said about me…

“Like Andrew Carnegie and the Horatio Alger heroes, Mr. Gilder believes that the finest thing a man can do for society is to accumulate wealth…”

I’m not sure they meant it as a compliment, but I’ll take it that way just the same. Because I do believe that accumulating wealth is a very fine thing.

I also believe that you need to take leaps of faith. And that knowledge, above all else, is the true secret to how wealth is created.

That’s why I hope you’ll take a look at my new book, Life After Google.

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